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Deadline 31. Aug 2020

We have one three-year scholarship (extension may be possible) available, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as part of their Graduate School Scholarship Programme (GSSP). These scholarships are reserved for the best international students coming to Germany for their doctoral studies from abroad (or: after residing in Germany only for a short while at the time of the application – see below for details).

General eligibility for the DAAD doctoral scholarship

  • At the time when the DAAD receives the nomination letter from the Berlin School of Mind and Brain (1 October 2020), the last final exam (Master’s degree or equivalent) of the student must not have taken place longer than six years ago.
  • At the time when DAAD receives the nomination letter from us (1 October 2020), applicants must not have resided in Germany for more than 15 months (i.e., not before July 2019).
  • The scholarship amount is 1,200 EUR per month and the award also includes funding for travel expenses, insurances (health, accident and personal liability insurance cover), research support, family support, a German-language course, etc.

Official start of the doctoral program 2020 of the Berlin School of Mind and Brain is October, but a later start in 2020 will be possible.

Link to scholarship webpage:…/daad-scholarship-deadline-3…/

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